Public Vs. Private Mental Health Care

According to an article published in the Guardian, 16 million people in the UK experience a mental health issue at some point each year, that means one in four adults. The mental health issues range from anxiety, depression to addiction and other diagnosable conditions.

It is claimed that ongoing mental health issues adversely affects life expectancy; in that those with severe mental health conditions live between 10-20 years less than the general population.

The average wait for effective treatment can be several years in the NHS (public sector). These statistics are a pretty scary read, and it is useful to remind oneself that one does not have to be a statistic; private practice counselling can help and there is little or no waiting list.

Starting personal counselling may initially seem somewhat daunting; however, a qualified counselling professional can make a significant difference. With the help of a personal counsellor, you will be given the time and space needed to overcome your difficulties, as such, a more content and peaceful existence is possible and within your reach.