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Anxiety, depression, and personal difficulties can hold you back from fully being yourself, there might be times when you feel a bit disconnected from life, yourself and those around you. Self-doubt, dread or negative thoughts about yourself and your abilities may prevent you from moving forward in your personal life or career.

Perhaps you are troubled by your past experiences or current situation, have a difficult relationship with yourself or others. You might feel quite alone, out of place or misunderstood, find yourself withdrawing or putting on a brave face.

Counselling helps you to gain insight and understanding regarding your difficulties. Talking therapy enables you to gently unravel, process, and work-through complex emotions in order to resolve them. If you are open to understanding yourself better and want to experience life more fully, counselling is for you.

With the help of a professional counsellor, you will be given the support needed to overcome your difficulties. Counselling can empower you to be more at ease within yourself, take charge of your life and relationships. A more content way of being is possible and within your reach.

All counselling sessions are offered exclusively online using free and secure video-call platforms; Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Duo and Signal.

​Starting Your Online Counselling Journey

  1. Book your initial counselling session online.

Taking that first step can be difficult and daunting; this is perfectly normal; after all, you are prioritising yourself, perhaps for the first time. There is a lot to be gained from investing in yourself.


  2. Your first session.

This initial session will give you a sense of whether counselling is right for you, and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. It is a non-judgmental space where you can begin to explore and make sense of personal experiences and difficulties in a safe, supportive and confidential environment. Your initial session carries no obligation for continued counselling.

  3. You decide if ongoing counselling is right for you.

If you decide to engage with ongoing counselling, we will agree on a reoccurring weekly appointment, which will be yours for as long as you want it. You are of course free to end counselling at any point.

Each session lasts for fifty minutes, the fee is a standard rate of £50 per weekly session.

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About Counselling and Therapy

Psychodynamic Counselling is one of the major traditions within contemporary talking therapy, helping you to gain insight and understanding regarding your difficulties - you can begin to gently unravel, and work through deep-rooted feelings to resolve them, leaving you feeling more at ease and empowered. Once you get a better hold on personal difficulties, those issues no longer have a hold of you.


This therapeutic intervention is broadly based on the theory that interpersonal issues are to some extent a result of repressed emotions or negative life experiences.​ The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends this type of therapy for anxiety, depression, and personal difficulties.

Benefits of Online Therapy

  • Geography is no longer a consideration; you can speak with your therapist from anywhere, providing you have internet access.


  • You save precious travelling-time. Additionally, you could save on travel and parking costs.


  • You get the full benefits of therapy from the convenience of your home.


  • Many people feel able to speak more openly and freely in online sessions compared with in-person therapy.


  • Some like the anonymity of working with a non-local therapist, as this significantly reduces the likelihood of chance encounters in your local community.


  • Limited mobility and physical accessibility are no longer potential blocks for working with the right therapist for you and your needs.

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About Maja - Online Counselling Therapist

Before training as a psychodynamic therapist, I worked in the field of finance, establishing a career as a corporate accountant for large organisations in the South East of England.  

Volunteer-work with adults suffering from substance misuse, survivors of sexual trauma and domestic violence paved the way into the field of psychology and the helping profession. This ultimately guided a decision to pursue this passion fully by embarking on further academic studies.

  • Master of Science in Psychotherapy - University of Brighton


  • Post-graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling - University of Brighton


  • Jungian Foundation Course - Chichester University & The Society of Analytical Psychology, London


  • Registered Counsellor - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • Accredited Psychotherapist - Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (UPCA)

  • Registered Clinical Psychotherapist - UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

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07765 828184 (UK mobile number) - Please leave a brief voicemail if your call cannot be answered.

All counselling sessions start on the hour and lasts for 50 minutes. 


£50 per fifty-minute session.

Online video-call sessions are payable in advance: debit/credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. 

24-hour cancellation policy.



Based in Brighton, England.

Sessions take place exclusively online.

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