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Why Consider Counselling? 5 Reasons!

1. Research continues to demonstrate that talking therapies (counselling) reduces or even eliminates problematic symptoms, such as anxiety and depression to name a few.

2. We all have blind-spots, things about our personality or character that we are unaware of. Counselling gives rise to profound insight, and insight enables personal changes to be made.

3. A counselling relationship is unlike any other relationship we encounter in life; it is a safe space, free from judgment. It is a confidential environment where one is free to be and to explore who one really is or wishes to become.

4. No one is an island; experiences and meaning are formed within relationships, or from being excluded by others. Healing both new and old wounds cannot be done in isolation, a counselling professional is specifically trained to work with a client in order to work-through and re-frame both past and current situations. This does not undo the past; however, the counselling process makes it possible to overcome significant adversity.

5. Neuroplasticity shows us that the human brain can rewire itself throughout its lifespan, this means that old behaviours, habits, and beliefs can be changed, for the better, and permanently too.


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